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AILA - Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni

Notizie e avvisi

Il 27 ottobre 2018 l'AILA Ŕ entrata a far parte della Federazione Italiana di Matematica Applicata.
A questo link Ŕ scaricabile lo Statuto della Federazione.
A questo link Ŕ scaricabile l'e-proceeding del workshop della FIMA.

AILA is deeply concerned with the rapidly deteriorating developments in the aftermath of the attempted military coup in Turkey. We are against all kinds of coup and we share the support for the democratically elected government of Turkey, but we are also particularly worried about the forced resignation of all university deans, a travel ban on academics and suspension of hundreds of academic staff. We express solidarity and support to all our colleagues. Further information on the call for solidarity of our Turkish colleagues.


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